My Method: System of Acting Scan©

It is a unique method gathering sets of tools from the Russian and Anglo-Saxon Schools, boosted by more than ten years working with actors. This method scans the actors way to act thanks to a very precise and sharpened technical framework. Considering who and what the actor is, a serie of exercices and tools reveals the skills and craft of the actor and enlighten the defining features of his acting.
Contexts to use this method:

To bring the acting keys to the actor. To reveal and strengthen his potential thanks to tools and techniques

To create a strong character

The System of Acting Scan© results from ten years of observation, practice and work with actors from all over the world.
Yoshi Oida, Stella Adler, Mikhail Tchekhov, Brecht, NLP: all the tools and techniques are adapted to each and every actor and specifically used. All actors are different and that is the reason why our job is amazing! So, let’s have fun!